Used to activate and deactivate the alarm using a PIN/Code
Usually located at the entry point to the premises.  Remote Controls can also be provided if required.

Complete Security Service offers an extensive range of home security alarms, we will install the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

An alarm system comprises many different parts, each of  which play a vital role in protecting yourself and your property.

Motion Detectors / Sensors / PIRs

These are strategically placed throughout your premises and are designed to pick up the movement of intruders and activate the alarm.

Internal and External Sirens

The External Siren is used primarily to alert and draw attention. The integrated blue flashing strobe light is a visual aid to patrol response, (no need to look for house numbers in the dark). The Internal Siren responds to an intruder by sounding at 110 decibels for 4 minutes and then reactivates if movement is noted again by the Motion Detectors.

Back-to-base Monitoring

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